Servalan's Journal

10 March 1981
My short piece of space opera erotica won this contest from Circlet Press! Yay!

When not writing unexpected (or expected by now) pieces of erotic fiction, I'm usually writing something else. I've written for video games (like the actual dialogue and lore), for Marketing newsletters and websites, and some cool science fiction pieces. Things like:

I'm also a singer/songwriter in my spare time. Well, mostly folk-singing these days because elizabethr got me into Ren/Pirate era songs. Heck, the band I sing with now is somewhat in this vein as well (pseudo Irish pub band). Check out my Reverbnation pagee.

This journal is mostly about what's going on in my life, but also periodically includes "potentially exciting" stuff (e.g. economics tutorials, current events ranting, fanfiction, book reviews, the State of Fashion).

I hope to grow up to be Alcibiades -- charismatic, driven, loved, and able to achieve serious buy-in on all of his plans. He was also always right (if, unfortunately, foiled by circumstance and his love of his home country). I'm just going to skip the fiery death at the hand of my ex-lover, 'kay?

I also have some kind of strange allure for a large percentage of British men. Living in the USA, this does my love life very little good. Updated in 2012: Since I got married two years ago, this isn't as relevant as it used to be.