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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
9:31 pm
Does it have to be capitalism?
Let’s talk about Jupiter Ascending for a sec. Everyone’s all, “oooh, it’s about the evils of capitalism.” Which, yeah, I can see that. And if it were a European movie I’d be 100% in agreement.

But it’s an American movie. And America has some serious generational tension issues from an economic perspective. Social security is running out (elderly vampires!), and current lifespans have completely changed the job market structure for this generation (why hire a millennial to do a baby boomer’s job?).

Let us posit: the underlying socio-econo-political drama in JA doesn’t have to be “boo, capitalism.” It can be “OMG, the generation war is getting worse.” The long lived people in this universe live so long that they actively kill young humans… as opposed to just reducing their chances to thrive.

And that’s much more dynamic. We already have a zillion capitalism movies. But this may be the first shoot-'em-up to look seriously at the generational landscape.

In unrelated news: This sprained wrist is driving me crazy. But it won't hamper my excitement about RedemptionCon later this month.
Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
3:12 pm
I keep forgetting about LJ
So, I probably ought to tell you that I have a new book out. It's pretty ridiculous, as you may guess from the title Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story.

More than that, though, I'm holding a launch party for it next week. And I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never done a book launch party.

Right now, I'm working on my speech (AKA, where I tell everyone about the ridiculous experiences that helped make this book the work it is today). Speechwriting is hard, and not helped by the fact that I'm going for "loose collection of bizarre anecdotes" rather than "purposeful collection of information intended to inform or convince."

In utterly different news, I did my first dealers' room at a convention two weekends ago. And I'm going to be at Redemption (in Coventry, UK) in a few weeks if you wanna hang out. I'm on some serious Blake's 7 panels, and I'm loving doing "research" to prep for them. I'd forgotten which episode you could find "Vila weighs 73 kilos" in.
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
2:43 pm
I Have A Book Out!
Yay! I'm super-psyched to have a new book out.

Hive & Heist is a caper novel set on a a space station, which is everything a person really needs to know about it I think. If you want to learn more details, you can read everything ever on my author website (or Amazon.com).
Friday, May 3rd, 2013
11:47 pm
Someone Explain Tumblr to Me?
Because THREE people told me in one day to join it.

(I'd written a Teen Wolf / Car Talk crossover episode tag. With no place to post such a ridiculous thing, three people in two hours said, "Put it up on tumblr." So I did. Said fic has languished into obscurity, but the tubmlr remains.)

Now I have this tumblr, but I don't understand it. What do you post there? Why is t better than Twitter + LiveJournal? How do you comment on something without reblogging it?

Eeep. We can mutu-follow each other if you're on it: My Gratuitous Tumblr Page

Or you can just read the TW/CT crossover. Read "You Got a Friend?"
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
8:17 pm
Soapboxing: #firstworldproblems
This rant is apropos of nothing. Also, just kinda ranty. Hidden for your friends-page pleasureCollapse )
Thursday, March 14th, 2013
6:10 pm
Nervous about St. Pat's this weekend
So, as most of you know, St. Patrick's Day is this coming Sunday. And I sing in a Celtic band. Which means that our St. Pat's weekends are typically booked.

WhingingCollapse )
Saturday, March 9th, 2013
6:46 pm
BOOK RELEASE **flail**
Sweet! My young adult space opera, Queen & Commander is now available in most of the major ebook stores. (Y'know: amazon, kobo, b&n nook, iTunes -- across all countries.)

About Queen & CommanderCollapse )

People who care can
Buy on Amazon.com
Buy on Amazon.co.uk
Read reviews (and a longer excerpt) on Goodreads
Friday, March 8th, 2013
6:57 pm
So, when the whole Geocities/Angelfire-deaths thing happened, we all laughed. Most things we cared about had moved to other places. Everything was fine, and there were no more sparkly cursors.

But no. It's not fine.

Because I really want to read some Gundam Wing fic right now.

See, I've been listening to podfic at work again. (Yes, yes. See last update for my new obsession with podfic-while-mindlessly-working.) And I am going through EVERYTHING read by this one podficcer. Who did a GW fic. And I'm remembering why I loved GW fiction in... oh, was it 1998?

Anyway, I still have links to fics and archives I liked in 1998-2000. But they're all defunct. Way out of date. At this point, I only have links to two GW fics that work (which includes my favorite crossover fic of all time, but still: TWO STORIES).

And, it turns out that someone made an American dub after I left the fandom. So most of the stuff I see on AO3 (not that I did a comprehensive search, I admit) is bizarre to me.

So, just thought I'd let you all know. I miss geocities. Sorta. Also, if you can rec any GW fic (gen & 1x2x1 pref, but I'm pretty cool on ANYTHING at this point), please comment.
Monday, March 4th, 2013
8:50 pm
So, I've been super-busy with
* work (videogame dialogue/lore writing again; so awesome)
* other work (bought a font to lay out the US print edition of Queen & Commander this weekend)
* health stuff (a third PT, Janine?, really?, and how much have your premiums gone up this year?)

Hence, this post is about podfic. Because I've recently become an addict! Yay! And what is this LJ if not an excuse to be fannish when the mood strikes?

Now, I don't usually listen to audio-books of any kind. Not of books I like. Not of books I've wanted to try. Not during long car trips. Not of podfic.

Okay, I think I listened to the first chapter of something on an international flight once... and then turned my player to music while I read a physical book. (It was a long time ago.)

But! The last two weeks at work, I got assigned a task that was time consuming, but didn't require brainpower once I knew what I was doing. So, I started listening to podfic on my headphones. (Headphones are important. That first day, I didn't read the story warnings. This mistake lead to much blushing and nervous tittering when the sex scenes started. Oops.)

Anyway, I've realized that finding good podfic is MUCH harder than finding good fanfic. SO MANY CONSTRAINTS.

1) There's less of it.
2) You have to like the story.
3) You have to like the reader.
4) You may not want to listen to NC-17 stuff at work. (This no longer bothers me.)

I'm thinking of becoming one of those podfic activists who goes around recording old stuff that people have forgotten about. I don't see any point in being "active" by hosting a new archive, because AO3 and that other one that I usually get sent to from AO3 are doing just fine.

Still, there needs to be more stuff out there. In all my spare time (what spare time?, I hear you cry), I think I'll start rounding up some recording permissions.

Or maybe I won't. Because it's a huge time commitment.

Then again, it'd be awesome. And also make me feel useful. And also also be good practice because I think I'm going to make a podiobook of my novel at some point, and should probably know what I'm doing.

If anyone wants to rec some podfic, I'd appreciate it. But I don't know when I'll get to it. (The "no brainpower" assignment finished last Friday. When I was 3 hours into a 20 hour Gundam Wing epic being read by Rhea314...)

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
5:27 pm
Laptop Drama
The last month+ has been really frustrating in laptop land.

First, my screen started to get this column of fuzz in the middle of it. Like, if you had an old black-and-white TV (or a CRT that you were trying REALLY hard to get Cinemax on in 1992).

Second, I couldn't really run a lot of programs at the same time. Now, my OH makes fun of me for having 20 Firefox tabs open, sure, but this became an actual problem while I was coding My Lady Gambler. I could have the text open in Word, or I could be doing ePub in Sigil, but I couldn't do both...and certainly not if I wanted to test anything in a previewer like, say, Kindle for PC.

Third, that bizarre column of fuzz on the screen turned to a flickering band of black-and-white-and-red chevrons. Like a demented zebra that didn't want me to have any fun or do any work.

So, over the weekend, I picked out a new laptop. Yes, I was on vacation. Heck, the OH and I went on vacation in a foreign country (i.e., Canada). But we spent most of Thanksgiving and Black Friday in wifi cafes, reading up on various laptop models that fit my needs.

Side note: Why does no laptop maker think there might be a market in LIGHTWEIGHT LAPTOPS. It was my #1 constraining condition (because I have back issues that make carrying things hard, but which mean that walking is good -- so I schlep my laptop a mile or so to a cafe on a near-daily basis). But no. Very few laptops weigh in under 3 lbs. Heck, the "ultraportable" category has changed since my previous purchase. In 2008, "ultraportable" meant "under 4lb." In 2012, it means "under 5 lb." Going backwards, laptop-makers.

Anyway, I'm super excited to say that in a week or so, I should be getting a Lenovo Yoga 13. 3.3 lbs of laplet glory. Where "laplet" is the word I made up to be "laptop that functions as a really big tablet".
Sunday, November 18th, 2012
11:16 am
Steampunk Erotica Ebook on sale
Hey guys, so you know how I write erotica as "Victoria Pond", right? Well, I've now published my first book! Kyaaaa! So exciting. Right now it's available as an ebook from Amazon (mobi format) and B&N (ePub format).

I'd be much obliged if you'd go check it out. Even just to tag it on Amazon or add it to your Goodreads shelf.

Oh, you want to read the cover blurb?

My Lady Gambler: Stories of erotic romance, corsets, and an England that never was

A collection of erotic romance in the Age of Steam, featuring a Regency novella…

Cara St. Cross is determined to play at the highest-stakes poker club in all of Great Britain… even if getting in requires her to dress like a man. Stanley, Lord Greenhope, doesn’t truly believe that “Mister” St. Cross has had relations with his wife, but that doesn’t stop him from challenging the (wo)man to a duel.

In the early Age of Steam, duels are still legal, young ladies get kidnapped to Gretna Green, and only the villains seem to care whether Cara wins at the tables.

As well as the Regency novella, My Lady Gambler, this collection includes three short stories of Victorian-style steampunk erotica:

* Miss Carlotta Stembridge crafts her own troupe of dancing automatons in “The Clockwork Dancers”. When she meets a flesh-and-blood dancer who steals her heart, she must fight society and her own creations if she wants to keep him in her life.

* In “On the Curious Condition of the Anachronism in Modern Aviation Structures,” First Mate Jess Priory of the merchant airship Aer Nova offers passage to a handsome doctor. Lucky thing she did, since his skills come in handy when the ship is attacked!

* The possibility of a time machine causes more problems than it solves in “Dorothea Franklin’s Marvelous Machine.” Thankfully, the inventor can console herself with the darkly sexy, powerful Sir George, Grand Master of the London Masons.

Buy or Tag on Amazon
Buy from B&N
Add on Goodreads

ETA: And Amazon.co.uk
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
8:07 am
Chopped Off My Hair
Partially in honor of being mostly over pneumonia (and partially because I wanted to and partially because a character in my current novel wishes she had the guts):

I chopped off my hair.

Well, I had the stylist do it, anyway. And what I love about my stylist these days is that she's the type who doesn't talk you out of things, only tries to find the best way to do what you want. When I said, "Let's go super-short", she asked "chin-length short or Halle Berry short?"

I adore her for that. I didn't go quite for Halle Berry short, but I'm close to matching my Servalan-gorgeous LJ pic.

new SHORT hair
Friday, October 12th, 2012
2:34 pm
Guesting for stevie_carroll
I've got a guest post up over at stevie_carroll's LJ about some characters from my upcoming novel.

Stevie talks a lot about books-recently-read and writing projects. If that's your thing, you might want to check out the LJ link.
Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
3:18 pm
The pneumonia's still keeping me down, and I'm still on bedrest, and I can barely spare an hour for reading before I get overtired.


In last night's hour, I bought a tortilla press on Amazon.com. Now I just have to use Amazon Fresh to get some masa harina, and I should be able to make my first ever homemade tortillas. (I know. That doesn't quite count as bedrest. But it'll only be for a few minutes at a time, and I've got to do something before I go crazy.)
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
8:58 am
For the last month+, I've been a bit under the weather. This took the form of 2 weeks utter bed rest, then I thought I was getting better. During the getting better times, I did fun things like attend Foolscap 14 and see Gaudy Night at a local theatre.

Then I started getting worse. And now: pneumonia. With only a little computer-time per day. I get tired and overheated and then have to watch fluffy comedies, otherwise.

Speaking of fluffy comedies: In romcoms, what's up with the heroine always being klutzy? I don't get that. Like, sure, maybe a few people are that uncoordinated, but not enough to make a whole genre!
Friday, September 21st, 2012
11:01 pm
ZOMG, more Kickstarter
Whoa. So, sleeptime and not quite done with day 2, and I'm now 44% funded. Wow.

I am blown away. My friends (and some strangers) amaze me with their interest.
Thursday, September 20th, 2012
4:40 pm
ZOMG. Kickstarter.
So, in the few weeks that I haven't posted on LJ, I've been writing a slew of original fiction. This means that I've finished:
* one young adult space opera novel (second draft)
* 4 short stories as part of the Clarion West Write-a-thon (one sold)
* a bunch of edits on the steampunk erotica collection (which might get broken out into a steampunk-Regency novella and a steampunk-Victorian short story collection)

So, ah, speaking of that space opera novel? I've got a Kickstarter page up for it. And, whoa, some people out there are interested already. (Seriously, it's been up for, like, 4 hours and I already have 5% funding.)

Could I beg you all to check it out? Today was, apparently, a super-popular day to launch Kickstarter projects, so I fell off the "recent launches" page in less than an hour. I could use a popularity boost from my friends.

Monday, April 30th, 2012
9:55 pm
Fiesta Week
This post wraps up my week in San Antonio, TX. (No, there haven't been any other posts about it. You're not missing anything.)

Having never been to San Antonio, nor even to Texas, I had no idea what to expect. Other than the heat, of course. The internet prepped me for that one. And then I made sure xyon prepped too...with six hours of hunting down the perfect lightweight shirt.

The most important thing I've done while in SATX: Attend a friend's wedding. (In her father's gigantic backyard with about 120 guests, a margarita machine, and fire dancers.)

The things I've learned about the Riverwalk: It's very pretty with green water that supports cute little ducklings and a water-taxi tour. Everyone drinks frozen margaritas and eats Blue Bell ice cream. Most of the restaurants are terrible, with the exception of Saltgrass which turns out to be a chain steakhouse.

The thing party-lovers should know: The week of April 22-29 is Fiesta Week. Everyone congregates downtown for parades and street fairs. There is much drunken revelry. Participants come from all over Texas (though half my hotel was filled with locals), especially as regards the court since the Fiesta Queen could be from anywhere in the state.

All in all, it's been fun (and sunny!), but I'm ready to head back to Seattle for sure.
Monday, April 16th, 2012
8:29 am
Dear LJ
Ummm. I'm way more than 100 entries behind on my f-list. Like, I was out of it for 4 weeks with 4 different sicknesses (each requiring some sort of opiate medication that made me unable to read).

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
10:31 pm
How many jobs do you have?
Well, soon, I won't have any of the PAYING variety. Next week (or maybe the weeks after; jury's out), my current contract writing for videogames comes to a close. Sad. I love that contract. Why, just last week I wrote a children's book for a society which lost all its wars and is highly defeatist. (The child's cute-companion dies, disturbingly eaten whole, and said child vows never to steal again. There may also have been fairy tales and a ridiculous anthropolgist's journal, but the creepy kids book is my fave.)

Of the non-paying variety (at least, largely), I have:
* my next writing project -- a YA action-adventure space opera
* learning spoken Spanish -- 'cuz in high school, we learned to write, not to talk
* music stuff -- 4 gigs this week! for St. Pat's

Anyone wanna speak Spanish with me?

In completely different news, the water through our basement isn't draining. There are little lakes on the basement floor. Sadly, the guy who came to look at it today was all, "Gotta come back with cameras because your pipes are super long and super clogged." So, maybe Thursday I can get to the fuse box and use the washing machine?
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